TEMP-COAT Liquid Ceramic Insulation

TEMP-COAT® 101 is a general purpose insulation which comes in liquid form. This industrial designed liquid acrylic latex ceramic insulation performs extremely well on piping, air and heat duct work, exposed water pipes, tanks, oxygen lines, steam lines, refrigeration equipment, cryogenics, and condensation control. This amazing product has many other uses. It physically adheres to the surfaces it insulates between -80ºF (-66.2 C) and +350º F (176.7 C). The product will work on surfaces as hot as 500º F (260 C) using the special instructions offered by TEMP-COAT® Brand Products, LLC.

TEMP-COAT® offers a warranty for specific uses of the product for industrial, commercial and home use. Complete information on this product is available in CD Format and can be requested by contacting us via our web form or emailing us directly.


TEMP-COAT® Brand Products, LLC welcomes you to tour our web site and review the unique features of our exclusive product line. Our company has been serving the needs of Industry, Commerce and the Home Owner since 1990 with products that are designed to preserve assets and protect expensive, hard to replace property and equipment.

Here at TEMP-COAT® Brand Products, we pride ourselves in offering unique products that are tested and proven for years in the field and backed by certified lab data before they are offered to the public.

Our premiere product is TEMP-COAT®, the very best and oldest name in liquid ceramic insulations. TEMP-COAT® is a liquid latex barrier form of insulation that has many uses for Industry, Commerce and the Home owner. There are hundreds of uses for TEMP-COAT® in the preservation of property and the control of energy costs.